About Therapy

Either of both partners may approach  the therapist for the initial contact.

The first session is devoted to listening to the account of the situation at hand and the problems that are being faced. Further course of action will include both individual and joint sessions.

In the joint sessions, both the partners sit down with  the therapist in a session that lasts an hour.


The focus in the joint sessions is on the relationship and the patterns of interactions observed. Both partners are invited to talk about their relationship and the issues that need to be addressed. The communication pattern in observed live during the session as well as in the descriptions offered by the couple. The effort is to identify the patterns of communication that initiate, exacerbate, or maintain the conflict, and then try to explore alternate ways of addressing the issues. Joint sessions are held anywhere between once a week to once a month; the usual frequency is once a week or once a fortnight. Saturdays are the preferred days for the joint sessions, though the convenience of the couple will be taken into consideration.


Individual sessions are one-to-one sessions between a partner and the therapist. Individual sessions are used to explore individual issues and personality traits that may interfere with the relationship or may be a source of distress. Again more functional ways of adaptation are explored. Individual sessions are usually held once a week and last 45 minutes. Confidentiality issues will be respected.

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