Zindagi na milegi dobara

Before we begin, a clarification. Or a disclaimer if you prefer it. This is NOT a review of the 2011 hit movie. It does, however, take up the movie’s storyline, and the fact that it was a hit, to make some observations.

Why does a movie succeed at the box office? Of course that can’t be answered : there is no formula which ensures a hit. But there may be some pointers gained from movies that have succeeded. One of the factors is that the audience identifies with the protagonist (s). Their victories are ours; we feel their successes as our own. We sort of live out our own fantasies in their stories. That may work for some popular TV shows as well, like KBC. Of course there is the sheer charisma of the Big B, but if we did not feel a vicarious pleasure in the contestant winning, would we take to the show as much as we have? Continue reading “Zindagi na milegi dobara”